What are Experts Saying?

Royce Kimmons
It's amazing to have free access to so much quality content from experts in the field. I use these books and articles in all of my classes, and students never have to pay a cent.
Cecil R. Short
EdTech Books has really transformed how I can share my work with practitioners and researchers alike. It has tools and resources that aren't available anywhere else for authors and readers.
Albert D. Ritzhaupt
This platform has had a profound influence on our field. I hope that everyone will continue to contribute to this platform and replace these high-cost textbooks.
Thomas C. Reeves
During my five decades as an educational technologist, I can't think of a more valuable resource than EdTech Books for advancing the field of Educational Technology. If I was still teaching courses, I would definitely be using these materials to provide my students with high-quality learning resources at minimal costs. As it is, I recommend them to my former students and other Ed Tech professionals around the globe.
Matthew Schmidt
EdTech Books has become my go-to platform both for publishing my own academic work, and for providing high-quality, low-cost materials to my students. The platform truly is a game-changer and long overdue in our field.
Torrey Trust
The Edtech Books platform is the reason I got interested in designing OER eBooks. I was hesitant to design OER eBooks when I first started looking for platforms and found that most were not user-friendly, interactive, or visually appealing. Edtech Books allows you to create beautiful, visually appealing, interactive eBooks with ease. My undergraduate students, graduate students, and I have co-authored multiple eBooks on this site. I also love that the platform designer, Dr. Royce Kimmons, continues to expand the capabilities of the platform, so new features are being added often. I give this site my highest recommendation for OERs!!
Robert W. Maloy
We have sought to create a multimodal book experience with text, images, interactive links, cross-links, audio introductions, and videos introducing learning activities. This has been one of the great joys of EdTechBooks: the ways we can generate different ways for students and teachers to interact with ideas and information.
Matthea Marquart
As a chapter author, I love the ability to see my chapter's number of views and downloads whenever I like, and I appreciate the ability to update my bio whenever I like as well; I can do all this without having to bother the book editor. It's an example of this platform's thoughtful design and user-friendliness.
Ryan Cain
The K-12 Educational Technology Handbook and the K-12 Blended Teaching Guide have been indispensable in my instructional technology courses. Each semester, my students thank me for these high quality resources that they don't have to pay for.