Author Demographics

One of EdTechnica's goals is to ensure that knowledge about educational technology is informed by diverse voices and perspectives. As part of this goal, we seek to ensure that our articles include the perspectives of historically marginalized groups in the field, such as women and professionals outside the U.S. This dashboard provides a quick, up-to-date view of author demographic information across all of our articles to help ensure transparency and track our progress.

Figure 1

Representation of Women and non-U.S. Authors in Article Authorship (N = 9 articles)

pie charts of representation

Angelica PazurekAras BozkurtAtikah ShemshackCecil R. ShortCharles R. GrahamCheryl Cuiller CaseyClark J. HickmanDaniel G. KrutkaDarren Edgar DraperJeanne K. HooverJeffrey P. CarpenterJoe BackmanKenneth J. PlummerMandi GoodsettMark BrownMelissa WarrMichael WhitchurchMichelle F. ReadMonalisa DashPunya MishraRichard H. SwanRoyce KimmonsSara H. TuilomaScott L. HowellStephanie RobertsonSuzan KoseogluTJ BlissTorrey Trust

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