Silver Pen

Silver Pen


The silver pen badge is awarded to authors who have written 10,000 words or more of original content.


To receive this badge, authors must have written 10,000 words of content or more. Editing others' work does not count toward this word count.


Allison Butler bio pic
Allison Butler
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Allison Butler is a Senior Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Advising, and the Director of the Media Literacy Certificate
Amy Raty bio pic
Amy Raty
Brigham Young University
Amy Raty is an adjunct professor in the TELL program at BYU. She teaches classes on campus, supervises TELL student teachers/practicum
Andrew A. Tawfik bio pic
Andrew A. Tawfik
University of Memphis
Andrew A. Tawfik, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Instructional Design & Technology at the University of Memphis.
Annela Teemant bio pic
Annela Teemant
Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Annela Teemant is Professor of Second Language Education (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1997) at Indiana University-Purdue
Bekki Brau bio pic
Bekki Brau
Brigham Young University
Beth Oyarzun bio pic
Beth Oyarzun
University of North Carolina
Beth Oyarzun is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) at the University of North Carolina
Betsey Eckton bio pic
Betsey Eckton
Betsy Eckton, EdD, has recently retired from 30 years of full-time work as an educator serving in many roles in the public
Brenton Jackson bio pic
Brenton Jackson
Brigham Young University
Brenton Jackson is a masters student in BYU's Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology. His work centers on
Brian J. Beatty bio pic
Brian J. Beatty
San Francisco State University
Dr. Brian Beatty is Professor of Instructional Technologies and co-coordinator of the Instructional Design and Technology
Brian Jackson bio pic
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson is from the mean streets of Kearns, Utah. He received a PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English
Brooke Downs bio pic
Brooke Downs
Brooke Downs teaches literature, academic writing, and creative writing courses at Brigham Young University. Her plays have
Cecil R. Short bio pic
Cecil R. Short
Emporia State University
Cecil R. Short is an Assistant Professor of Secondary Education at Emporia State University. His research focuses on Personalized
Celina Lay bio pic
Celina Lay
Brigham Young University
Charity Dacey bio pic
Charity Dacey
Felician University
Charles M. Reigeluth bio pic
Charles M. Reigeluth
Indiana University
Charles M. Reigeluth is a distinguished educational researcher and consultant who focuses on paradigm change in education.
Charles R. Graham bio pic
Charles R. Graham
Brigham Young University
Charles R. Graham is a Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. He studies the design
Chenyang Xu bio pic
Chenyang Xu
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Chenyang Xu is a doctoral student in the Math, Science, and Learning Technology program in the College of Education
Christi U. Edge bio pic
Christi U. Edge
Northern Michigan University
Christi Edge is a Professor of Education and serves as the Director of Graduate Reading Programs and the Extended Learning
Cristie Cowles Charles bio pic
Cristie Cowles Charles
Brigham Young University
Cristie Cowles Charles teaches writing and literature courses at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She enjoys sparking
David Dwayne Williams bio pic
David Dwayne Williams
Brigham Young University
David Dwayne Williams has conducted more than seventy evaluation studies throughout many countries. He also conducts qualitative
David M. Boren bio pic
David M. Boren
Brigham Young University
David is a former public school teacher and administrator. Currently he is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational
Dawn Garbett bio pic
Dawn Garbett
University of Auckland
Dennis West bio pic
Dennis West
Brigham Young University
Drew Polly bio pic
Drew Polly
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Drew Polly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Reading and Elementary Educationat the University of North Carolina
Elise Silva bio pic
Elise Silva
Elise Silva holds an MA in English from BYU and a Masters of Information Science from the University of North Texas. She
Elizabeth Boling bio pic
Elizabeth Boling
Indiana University
Elizabeth Boling is professor of instructional systems technology and Interim Executive Associate Deans in the School of
Elizabeth Gallagher bio pic
Elizabeth Gallagher
Wasatch School District
Ellie Gallagher has been an educator for over 20 years as a classroom teacher in elementary and secondary schools, a SIOP
Enoch Hunsaker bio pic
Enoch Hunsaker
Brigham Young University
Enoch Hunsaker is an Instructional Designer at Brigham Young University Online. He graduated with a Master's degree in Instructional
Esther Michela bio pic
Esther Michela
University of Tennessee
Currently a PhD student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, Esther is exploring issues of accessibility, empathy, Universal
George Veletsianos bio pic
George Veletsianos
Royal Roads University, Canada
Dr. George Veletsianos is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology at Royal Roads University.
Isa Jahnke bio pic
Isa Jahnke
University of Technology Nuremberg
Isa Jahnke, Ph.D., is Founding Vice President for Academic and International Affairs (digital learning) and Full Professor
Jason Hunt bio pic
Jason Hunt
Brigham Young University, Idaho
Jason Shaw bio pic
Jason Shaw
Brigham Young University, Idaho
Jered Borup bio pic
Jered Borup
George Mason University
Jered Borup is the professor-in-charge of George Mason University's Blended and Online Learning in Schools Master's and Certificate
Jill E. Stefaniak bio pic
Jill E. Stefaniak
University of Georgia
Jill Stefaniak is an Associate Professor in the Learning, Design, and Technology program in the Department of Career and
Jill Larsen bio pic
Jill Larsen
Jill Larsen is Adjunct Faculty in English at Brigham Young University and the Course Coordinator for Writing in the Social
Jocelin Meza bio pic
Jocelin Meza
Brigham Young University
Jocelin Meza is from Texas and currently studies Elemenetary Education at BYU, with a minor in teaching English language
Jon Ostenson bio pic
Jon Ostenson
Jon Ostenson began his teaching career as an English teacher in junior high and high school classrooms. After about a decade,
Jonathan Trujillo bio pic
Jonathan Trujillo
Brigham Young University - Idaho
Julie H. Haupt bio pic
Julie H. Haupt
Julie H. Haupt is an Associate Professor in the School of Family Life. Across many years at Brigham Young University, she
Julie Irvine bio pic
Julie Irvine
Brigham Young University
Julie is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University. She is majoring in editing and publishing and minoring in
Karen T. Arnesen bio pic
Karen T. Arnesen
Brigham Young University
Karen is a Ph.D. student in the Instructional Psychology and Technology program at Brigham Young University. She has been
Karina Jackson bio pic
Karina Jackson
Brigham Young University English Language Center
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan bio pic
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan
University of KwaZulu-Natal
Kendyl Loar bio pic
Kendyl Loar
Kendyl Loar is a senior at Brigham Young University. She is majoring in Elementary Education, with a minor in Teaching English
Laura Haniford bio pic
Laura Haniford
University of New Mexico
Lauren Hutchings  bio pic
Lauren Hutchings
In preparation for becoming a future educator, Lauren Hutchings has dedicated her time to serving at schools in the community,
Leanna Archambault bio pic
Leanna Archambault
Arizona State University
Dr. Leanna Archambault is an Associate Professor of Learning Design and Technology within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Linda Frederiksen bio pic
Linda Frederiksen
Linda Frederiksen is the Head of Access Services at Washington State University Vancouver.  She has a Master of Library
Lindsey Doxey bio pic
Lindsey Doxey
Lindsey Doxey is a preservice teacher at Brigham Young University. Lindsey is a senior, studying Elementary Education, with
Lloyd Rieber bio pic
Lloyd Rieber
University of Georgia
Lloyd Rieber is originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he was born and raised. He is now a Professor of Learning,
M. Winston Egan bio pic
M. Winston Egan
Brigham Young University
Winston Egan is an emeriti faculty member of the David O. McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University, where he
Marné Isakson bio pic
Marné Isakson
Isakson Literacy
Marné has been involved in literacy education since 1969. She earned a BA in English, an MSED in Educational Research,
Mary F. Rice bio pic
Mary F. Rice
University of New Mexico
Mary Frances Rice is an assistant professor of literacy at the University of New Mexico. She teaches writing pedagogy and
Matthew Schmidt bio pic
Matthew Schmidt
University of Florida
Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at the University of Florida (UF) in the Educational Technology program, where
Megan Bates bio pic
Megan Bates
Brigham Young University
Megan Bates is a teacher candidate at Brigham Young University where she is currently earning her Elementary Education degree
Michael Whitchurch bio pic
Michael Whitchurch
Brigham Young University
Michael Whitchurch is the OER and Media Literacy Librarian at Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library. He
Michelle Jensen bio pic
Michelle Jensen
Alpine School District
Michelle is an Innovative Learning Coach in Alpine School District and holds an MEd from Utah State University in Instructional
Nicole Clawson bio pic
Nicole Clawson
Nicole Clawson is an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University. When she isn't in her garden, she is busy knitting
Pat Draper bio pic
Pat Draper
Brigham Young University
Pat Draper is currently responsible for the TELL practicum for the pre-service teahcers. She has a master's degree in linguistics
Patrick R. Lowenthal bio pic
Patrick R. Lowenthal
Boise State University
Dr. Patrick R. Lowenthal is an assistant professor of educational technology at Boise State University (BSU). Prior to this,
Qi Guo bio pic
Qi Guo
Brigham Young University
Rachel Thomas bio pic
Rachel Thomas
Brigham Young University
Rachel is from Espanola, New Mexico and is currently studying Animation at BYU. She enjoys drawing comics on her own time,
Ramona Maile Cutri bio pic
Ramona Maile Cutri
Brigham Young University
Ramona Maile Cutri is an associate professor at Brigham Young University’s Teacher Education Department. Cutri’s research
Randall S. Davies bio pic
Randall S. Davies
Brigham Young University
Dr. Randall S. Davies is an associate professor of Instructional Psychology & Technology at Brigham Young University
Ray Graham bio pic
Ray Graham
Emeriti Professor Brigham Young University
Richard Bowles bio pic
Richard Bowles
Mary Immaculate College
Richard E. West bio pic
Richard E. West
Brigham Young University
Dr. Richard E. West is an associate professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University. He
Robert W. Maloy bio pic
Robert W. Maloy
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Robert W. Maloy is a senior lecturer in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he coordinates
Ross Larsen bio pic
Ross Larsen
Brigham Young University
Dr. Ross Larsen is an Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology & Technology at Brigham Young University.
Royce Kimmons bio pic
Royce Kimmons
Brigham Young University
Royce Kimmons is an Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University where he studies
Sharon Black bio pic
Sharon Black
Brigham Young University
Sharon Black is an editor and writing consultant for the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University. Her past
Sheri Conklin bio pic
Sheri Conklin
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Dr. Sheri Conklin is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Prior to moving into this role,
Spencer Yamada bio pic
Spencer Yamada
Brigham Young University
Stefinee E. Pinnegar bio pic
Stefinee E. Pinnegar
Brigham Young University
A St. George native, Dr. Pinnegar graduated from Dixie College (now DSU) and Southern Utah State (now SUU). She taught on
Stephen Downes bio pic
Stephen Downes
National Research Council of Canada
Stephen Downes is a specialist in online learning technology and new media. Through a 25 year career in the field Downes
Sue F. Phelps bio pic
Sue F. Phelps
Sue F. Phelps is the Health Sciences and Outreach Services Librarian at Washington State University Vancouver. Her research
Teresa Wootton bio pic
Teresa Wootton
Wasatch School District
Teresa Wootton, a Clincal Faculty Associate (CFA) with Brigham Young University/Public School Partnership supervises, mentors
Tonia A. Dousay bio pic
Tonia A. Dousay
University of Alaska Anchorage
Tonia A. Dousay, Ph.D., is a first-generation college graduate and the daughter of two U.S. Navy veterans. Known by her students
Torrey Trust bio pic
Torrey Trust
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Torrey Trust, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Learning Technology in the Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum
Tresstyn Clubb Daines bio pic
Tresstyn Clubb Daines
Brigham Young University
U.S. Office of Educational Technology bio pic
U.S. Office of Educational Technology
U.S. Department of Education
Valerie Jueschke bio pic
Valerie Jueschke
Brigham Young University
Valerie Hales received her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of North Dakota with an emphasis in reading.
Vanessa Svihla bio pic
Vanessa Svihla
University of New Mexico
Dr. Vanessa Svihla is an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico with appointments in the learning sciences and
Whitney Keaton bio pic
Whitney Keaton
George Mason University
Yvonne Earnshaw bio pic
Yvonne Earnshaw
Kennesaw State University
Yvonne Earnshaw, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the School of Instructional Technology